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ISSN: 0975-4024
Vol. 2, No.2

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Article # Article Title & Authors (Volume 2 Issue 2 April 2010) Page
1. 3D Rendering - Techniques and Challenges
Vishal Verma, Ekta Walia
Abstract | PDFIconPDF (409KB)
2. Digital frequency meter using DMA Terminal Count stop method
N.Suresh Kumar, Dr.D.V.RamaKotiReddy, Mr. B.pramod Kumar, Mr. A. Harish
Abstract | PDFIconPDF (537KB)
3. A Combined Mining Approach and Application in Tax Administration
Dr. Ela Kumar, Arun Solanki
Abstract | PDFIconPDF (408KB)
4. Design Analysis of an Automotive Composite Drive Shaft
M.A.K. Chowdhuri, R.A. Hossain
Abstract | PDFIconPDF (381KB)
5. CBIR using Upper Six FFT Sectors of Color Images for Feature Vector Generation
H. B. Kekre, Dhirendra Mishra
Abstract | PDFIconPDF (758KB)
6. Gain Real Visibility of SAP Shop Floor Transactions
M.Giriraj, Dr.S. Muthu
Abstract | PDFIconPDF (410KB)
7. Layerless Manufacturing & SAP - Creating Responsive Shop Floor in the Supply Chain
M.Giriraj, Dr.S. Muthu
Abstract | PDFIconPDF (213KB)
8. Empirical Study of FFANNs Tolerance to Weight Stuck at Zero Fault
Amit Prakash Singh, Pravin Chandra, Chandra Sekhar Rai
Abstract | PDFIconPDF (453KB)
9. Evaluating Web Site based on Grey Clustering Theory combined with AHP
Bindu Madhuri .Ch, Padmaja.M,Srinivasa Rao, Anand Chandulal.J
Abstract | PDFIconPDF (490KB)
10. Dominant Local Binary Pattern Based Face Feature Selection and Detection
Anusha Bamini.A.M, Kavitha.T
Abstract | PDFIconPDF (490KB)
11. Designing Dependable Service Oriented Web Services Security Architectures Solutions
Dr.D.Sravan Kumar, M.Upendra Kumar
Abstract | PDFIconPDF (419KB)
12. Anti Skid Methods and Materials-Skid Effects and their Remedial Methods
Dr.G. Venkata Rao, S. Chandra Mouli, Narendra Kumar Boddeti
Abstract | PDFIconPDF (484KB)
13. Contention Based Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with Multiple Copies
Ms. E. Jenefa JebaJothi, Dr. V. Kavitha, Ms. T. Kavitha
Abstract | PDFIconPDF (371KB)
14. Robust Optimal Controller Design for Multimachine Systems using Genetic Algorithms
R.Shivakumar, M.Panneerselvam, Dr.R.Lakshmipathi
Abstract | PDFIconPDF (371KB)
15. Distribution Function Estimation of the Timing Jitter in Sample Rate Converter
Manish Sabraj, Vipan Kakkar
Abstract | PDFIconPDF (413KB)
16. An Efficient Evaluation for the Reliability Upper Bound of Distributed Systems with Unreliable Nodes and Edges
Mohamed H. S. Mohamed, Yang Xiaozong, Liu Hongwei, Wu Zhibo
Abstract | PDFIconPDF (413KB)
17. Experimental Investigation and Micro Mechanics Assessment for Longitudinal Elastic Modulus in Unidirectional Cotton-Polyester Composites
Piyush P. Gohil, A.A. Shaikh
Abstract | PDFIconPDF (413KB)
18. Critical Effect of Rotor Vanes with Different Injection Angles on Performance of a Vaned Type Novel Air Turbine
Bharat Raj Singh, Onkar Singh
Abstract | PDFIconPDF (765KB)
19. Signal to Interference Ratio Based Handoff Management for Next-Generation Wireless Systems
Debabrata Sarddar, Shovan Maity, Tapas Jana, Arnab Raha, Utpal Biswas, M.K. Naskar
Abstract | PDFIconPDF (555KB)
20. Preferential Image Segmentation Using J Segmentation Based on Color, Shape and Texture
Ms Akila Victor, Mrs. J. Roselin, Dr. V. Kavitha
Abstract | PDFIconPDF (430KB)
21. Calculating the Project Network Critical Path in Uncertainty Conditions
N. Shahsavari pour, M. Modarres, Mir.B. Aryanejad, R. Tavakoli Moghadam
Abstract | PDFIconPDF (528KB)
22. Multiple Target Detection for HRR Signal Design
Mohd. Moazzam Moinuddin, Mallikarjuna Reddy. Y., Pasha. I. A, Lal Kishore. K
Abstract | PDFIconPDF (533KB)
23. This paper is removed by the instructions given by Author
24. This paper is removed by the instructions given by Author 155-159
25. Analysis of Dynamic Model of a Structure with Nonlinear Damped Behavior
G.R.Abdollahzade, M. Bayat, M. Shahidi, G. Domairry, M. Rostamian
Abstract | PDFIconPDF (432KB)
26. Design, Development and Finite Element Magnetic Analysis of an Axial Flux PMLOM
Govindaraj Thangavel, Debashis Chatterjee, Ashoke K. Ganguli
Abstract | PDFIconPDF (890KB)